Tagore International School gets the CBSE-Adobe Creativity Challenge Award

Tagore International School got the prestigious Creative Challenge Award in Category-A on the theme Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. The winners were felicitated by various dignitaries and CEO of Adobe Systems. It's indeed a proud moment for TIS.


A proud moment for Tagore International School to get the Best School Awards in two major Categories

In New Delhi on the concept to build the future of India. Among thousands of schools from India Tagore International School, Jaipur was awarded the National School Award for Best School Chain 2019 and the National School Award in Exceptional Contribution in Sports 2019. The entire school is proud to be a part of the best Holistic educational institution.


TIS is recognised amongst the Top Schools in India

At the School Leadership Summit held at Pune on 18th May 2019. Tagore International School has been awarded as one of the Top schools in India. Madam Principal received the award during the Summit. The entire school celebrates the proud moment.


TIS got 2nd Prize at MPS in the Inter-school English Skit Competition from 22 best schools

At MPS Tilak Nagar in the Inter-School English Skit Competition, Our students performed extremely well and top level competition was very close. TIS got 2nd prize among 22 participating schools. We congratulate our students for rendering their best.


Jaipur Youth Conclave and TISMUN held at TIS

Tagore International School MUN Conference and Jaipur Youth Conclave 2020 started on 11th January at Tagore International School in a grand inauguration. It was a two days (11th and 12th Jan) Mega Event with more than 700 delegates of different schools from all over India who debated exceptionally well on Global Issues at the Model United Nations (MUN). Students showcased their talent and unleashed their potential to discuss, debate and provide practical and feasible solutions to International issues.

TIS congratulates every participant delegate for their best effort. The best delegation award was awarded to Rukmani Birla School.


Christmas Celebration

What have we done? Yes.. we all celebrated Christmas in school. Oh what a wonderful day with melodious carols, Jingle Bells jingling all the way and Santa distributing gifts and chocolates to the students. While our little ones enjoyed the Christmas cake. It was wonderful to see everyone draped in red and white which spun the festive mood.


TIS students participated in Jaipur History Festival held at City Palace Jaipur

At the Jaipur History Festival 2019 along-with 32 different schools in City Palace Jaipur on 10th December, Tagore International School collabrated and expressed their skill and extensive research work on the Banas River by exhibiting wonderful models and PPT which explicitly explained the entire river, the projects on the river based on the theme - Life in Rivers. Students also actively participated in the musical performance and enactments. It was indeed a spendid show by all our students.


Cycle to School (A Fitness Drive)

Students of Tagore International School who stay near on 29th November 2019 cycled to school and enjoyed a lot. Even in the school and around the school teachers too participated in the cycle rally which promoted health consciousness as a fitness drive. It was indeed a thrill to watch everyone cycle together as everyone carried a strong message for FITNESS.


Annual Function Celebration

Tagore International School on 14th Nov. 2019 celebrated the Annual Function in a splendid way. The students of TIS performed exceptionally well in all the numbers of cultural extravaganza. The show left the audience spellbound. We thank all the students, teachers and parents for making the evening extremely memorable for everyone.


Childrens' Day with the Chief Minister

Tagore International School students on 14th Nov. 2019 celebrated the Childrens Day with the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. It was an interesting rendezvous and a brief chit-chat. The students got highly motivated by the honourable Chief Minster (Shri. Ashok Gehlot).


TIS students in Singapore

10 students of Tagore International School went for a one week special International Student Educational Program to Singapore. TIS having a global perspective mentors every student in the best possible way and enhance their aspirations to make a wonderful career ahead. The visit to Singapore was highly interesting and extremely knowledge acquiring. Every student who visited learnt and enjoyed the most.


TIS lifts the Overall Trophy at the Rotary Club of Jaipur

Tagore International School lifts the overall trophy at the Rotary Club, Jaipur. Students put up their best show and bagged 1st prize in Group Dance and 3rd prize in solo dance. Indeed a marvellous show by our wonderful students.


TIS Little ones celebrate Dandiya at School

Tagore International School teaches every student from a very young age the significance of celebrating festival. On 4th October, Students of 1st and 2nd were dressed on a traditional dancing attire and jubilantly enjoyed the dandiya at school. Their teachers taught them the proper steps which they learnt with great zeal. Then...as the music started....It was just thrill all around and the little ones rocked the mini auditorium.


Principals meet on Pedagogy at TIS

A special Principals meet was held at Tagore International School to discuss on pedagogy. Almost all principals from various schools of the city participated and made the session extremely fruitful. The session was conducted by special resource person for an elaborate discussion on various aspects of Pedagogy.


TIS excels at the Heritage Fest

At the Heritage Fest-2019 held on 16th August onwards at Akshay Partra. TIS junior students got 1st Prize at Shlok Chanting. The senior group got the 2nd Prize and in Rangoli competition which was held on 22nd August, TIS got 1st Prize.


Students Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

At TIS we celebrate major festivals with our students. The little ones learn the significance of different festivals and take an active participation. A wonderful stage, beautifully decorated with Lord Ganesha blessing everyone is indeed spectacular. We all pray to the Almighty to give everyone prosperity and success.


Learning through educational excursions

At TIS we organise special excursions and tours for practical learning even for our little ones. Our mentors and teachers take extreme care and put their efforts to educate our students in the best possible way. On 29th August 2019 classes 1st and 2nd went for a special educational excursion to Technology Park. It was real thrill for the students to know something new about our culture, heritage and the diversity.


TIS students attend a special workshop and training program on saving life of people in case of road accidents

TIS students got the opportunity to attend a special workshop conducted by Eternal Foundation Hospital in collaboration with Traffic Police-Department of Transport and Community for Safer Roads. 50 students were given demonstrations with dummy and trained by specialists to provide first-aid and save life of the victims in case of road accidents. The workshop was extremely informative and students took great zeal to learn the special techniques. At the end of the workshop the participants were certified by the Hospital and the Community for Safer Roads.


TIS exhibits a wonderful show at JPHS

On 8th Aug, 2019 Tagore International School exhibited an excellent show at Flairfest-2019 at Jayshree Periwal High School. TIS got First Prize in Dance competition, Second Prize in Business Pitch, Second Prize in Re-living History and Third Prize in Dress Design Competition.


We at TIS have pledged to put our best effort to Go Green

Environment friendliness is being taught to all our students by the teachers at every level in Tagore International School. We have made it a mission and a practice to Go Green and contribute to make our Earth greener. On 5th Aug. 2019 our students exhibited their effort by planting saplings.


Prefectorial / Investiture Ceremony Held

On 1st August 2019, at TIS Deepsmriti Auditorium the Prefectorial Ceremony was held where all Ranks with responsibility were conferred upon to the deserving students. The rank holders took oath under the guidance of the Principal and pledged to fulfill their duties with complete integrity towards the school, fellow students and the society. Individual Awards were given to the students and the Director of Tagore Group of Institutions delivered an extremely motivating and growth oriented speech to all the students.


A Marathon Hindi Debating at Kautilya Kaushik Inter-school Hindi Debate Competition

On 20th July 2019, TIS organised Kautilya Kaushik Inter-school Hindi Debate Competition in memory of Late Master Kautilya Kaushik. A total of 18 prestigious Schools of Jaipur participated. It was a session of powerful marathon debating from morning 9.30AM to 12.30Noon on the topic एक देश एक चुनाव . Every participant expressed their view for and against the motion in a highly expressive manner complemented with relevant facts, figures,

outcomes and happenings quoted from the past. Surely it might have been a tough call for the Judges to make a final decision as everyone was extremely good in their style, content and expression. Individual First Prize was awarded to Vaibhav Tambi of Defence Public School, Individual Second Prize was awarded to Harshita Tejwani of Sadhu Vaswani School Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur. The overall trophy was awarded to Jaishree Periwal High School, Chitrakoot Jaipur. TIS being the host school just participated but were not a part of the competition as per protocol.


Learning from the ISRO Scientist (Face to Face meeting)

On 1st May 2019, at the Shri Deepak Memorial Foundation Day Celebration, Tagore International School students got the opportunity to meet the Chief Guest of the Event Dr. Y.S. Rajan, the Honorable Distinguished Professor, ISRO. The students spent a very valuable time with the scientist discussing various topics related to science, technology and space exploration. Meeting such a scientist and a professor is indeed a great achievement and a previlege.