The Nutritional Value of the Meal

Under the Initiative of CBSE ' Rashtriya Poshan Maah', Tagore International School Jaipur encouraged the vibrant Tagorians to share Nutritious Meals with Underprivileged children of the society.

It truly helped us imbibe a sense of social responsibility, inclusion and volunteerism in Tagorians.

The Nutritional Value of the meal was:

Beans - Protein, Carbohydrates, Iron, Vitamins, Calcium, Dietary Fibre

Sabzi - Potatoes and Onion - Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals

Chapati - Dietary Fibre, Protein, Good fats, Iron

Rice - Potassium, Manganese, Carbohydrates

Salad - Vitamin A, K and C, Minerals


Basant Panchami Celebration

On 29th of January 2020, Tagore International School celebrated the Basant Panchami. A Saraswati Vandana was organised where the Principal, the Academic Incharge, the Vice Principal, the coordinators, the staff and the students participated by offering flowers to Goddess Saraswati and sought blessings."


The Thrill of making a Diya.

The Tiny ones of Tagore International School learnt in School from the potter how to make Diyas and Pots. Teachers gave them the first hand experience of the wonderful art of giving shape to clay. Students participated in the Diya making activity and were spell bound by the amazing skill. It was a thrill for even the teachers as they watched the potter in action.


Handwash Activity

We teach our students from an early age the ways and techniques of hand washing to maintain adequate hygiene. Our teachers explained each step systematically in a special Hand Wash Activity to every child during which they also explained how to keep ourselves clean as cleanliness is a major mantra to stay healthy and fit.


Montessori Picnic

Montessori students of Tagore International School went to enjoy a grand picnic at the Jawahar Circle Park. The jubilant little ones had lots of fun and play along with learning as the teachers taught them about the treasures of green nature, the wonderful plants and how to preserve them. It was indeed a thrill-packed day for the tiny ones and our dedicated teachers.


‘Poems Come Alive’ - Hub of Schools Activity

Four different schools of Jaipur participated in the activity- ‘Poems Come Alive’ under the Hubs of Learning. It was indeed a delightful activity for the little ones where they enacted the Poem and made it lively. The confidence and the enthusiasm of the participating kids were worth watching and left the audience spellbound.


Janmashtami Celebration

As we celebrate every festival and teach our children about the significance of a festival, this year during Janmashtami a special stage decoration was done at the reception of the school where our Montessori students had a wonderful time posing as little Krishna. Also during the day, they saw a movie ‘Little Krishna’ in their classes on the smart boards.


Tree Plantation Activity

Going Green and making the environment greener is a priority at Tagore International School. In every class we teach the significance of trees and how to maintain the balance and equilibrium of our ecology. Tree plantation is an important Activity in the school and we celebrate every plantation and maintain it with our full heart and soul.


The Mango-day Celebration

We at Tagore International School celebrate everything which has an important role to play. Among the fruits Mango is the most favourite seasonal fruit for many. Hence each year our little ones celebrate the mango day. Where they enjoy eating mangoes and also learn about the various vitamins which fruits provide. Thus learning becomes real fun at TIS.


Let us save the Tiger

The most important mission for all of us. Students in the school learn to protect and conserve the environment, They are taught to save the flora and fauna through various skits. Tiger being our national animal is facing various threats from mankind. Reducing jungles and poaching is posing a threat to the habitat of the graceful tiger. Yes our little ones are on the vigil to Save the tiger.


20th Aniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas Celebrated.

Kargil Vijay Diwas was celebrated at Tagore International School with great vigour and zeal by the students and teachers. We salute our soldiers who guard our nation every time. The patriotism and the feeling of pride towards our soldiers and our great nation prevailed in the whole school. For higher class there was Poster making competition in which students participated with great enthusiasm.


A visit to the Post Office.

Educational Trips are extremely important as they give real-life experience to the students. This time we took the students from 1st to 5th to visit a Post-Office to see and learn about all the activities that happen there. Now the children know the significance of the Indian Postal Department.


Mr. Cobbler

Learning the skill to take care of their self while dressing up including tying laces and shoe polishing has a great importance. We at Tagore International School conducted a special Activity which taught them how to become self reliant and stay dressed immaculately. Mr. Cobbler is one among many such activities which makes learning very thrilling.


Mother's Day Celebration

We celebrated Mothers day to salute the greatest person on the Earth. Our tiny tots presented rhythmic rhymes and wonderful dances dedicated to their loving mothers. Mothers did ramp walk with their little ones and some of them also gave dance performance on foot tapping numbers. Mothers played games. Best performing mothers got tiaras. It was all fun.


English Recitation Competition

English recitation gives children another means of self expression. By taking part in this competition they learnt to excel in English and grow up to be fluent and confident speakers. They recited their Rhymes with appropriate props, proper pronunciation and interesting actions. Every student performed their best and the Top performers were given prizes and certificates by Madam Principal.


Toy wash activity

Students learnt to keep their belongings like toys sorted and clean. They learnt to wash their toys and organize them properly. This activity taught them to be responsible for their own things, respect and value their priced possession. It was fun filled indoor activity with water.


Earth Day Celebration

Tiny tots in green meant to make a difference as little steps can lead to a big change. To protect our mother Earth, our students got the knowledge of how to keep our Earth clean and green. The little hands also planted saplings and learnt to nurture the plants.


Heritage Visit

Students of Montessori went for a visit to different Historical sites in Jaipur which included Hawa-mahal, Jal-mahal, Albert hall and Amar Jawan Jyoti. The escort teachers gave them knowledge about the heritage, history and importance of historical monuments. It was a fun filled and informative tour.


World Art Day

The art day was celebrated with full of enthusiasm as the artwork helps in mental, social and emotional development of the toddlers. On this day kids learnt to make our national bird Peacock with lot of confidence. They were happy to make it on their own.


Rabbit Show

The little ones were amazed to see a live Rabbit roaming and jumping all around in their classes. They were so much thrilled to feel the Rabbit and play with it. The teacher in the class explained everything about the cute Rabbit.


Explore your senses

Teaching the kids about the five senses is a good way to help them understand their body and it also a wonderful method to enhance their self-esteem because they are discovering new and exciting things about themselves. Activities on Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing were done with the students. Students had unlimited fun during the musical chair game.


Educational Trip to Dravyavati river

Students enjoyed the landscape, the garden and the site of the river. They were thrilled to see different kind of plants and flowers. They got all knowledge about the Dravyavati river also and relished their picnic with some home cooked food.


Awareness of Pink Colour

The ability to identify colour is considered a milestone in child's cognitive process and is often a part of early screening for development and educational admittance. All students came dressed in pink colour with a pink colour object in hand. The environment was pink and beautiful which the students enjoyed thoroughly. The main highlight of the event was pink colour sorting activity where pink colour thumb and pink colour bottle were used for printing flowers. Students also said few lines on their object confidently.


Jal Swawlamban

We are in dire need of preserving the nature as we want our future generations to enjoy life as much as we are doing. XIIth standard students of TIS took the step forward and joined the Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan initiated by the State Government to preserve water.


Flower arrangement

Flowers are the true depiction of the happiness which is smitten all around in the universe. Our students of standard 9th and 10th took the creative liberty in their hands and brought life to life less paper by turning it into stunning flower arrangements.


Labour Day

During the Assembly, Labour Day was cheerfully celebrated by the staff and the students of TIS. On 1st of May the hard workers of TIS were presented with a token of appreciation by Ma'am Principal.


Orientation Programme for parents

A child is the reflection of his parents. Before the start of a full fledged study session, parents of students of classes XI and X were invited to attend an orientation. The parents were informed about the new school policies, the amendments CBSE has made and a few more pointers to make sure every child excels in his career.



In memory of Shri Deepak Rathore, founder of Tagore International School, a musical day was organised in TIS. The blood donation camp was organised to show our gratitude towards life and our ability to sustain it by donating blood.



Classes IX and X verbally tussled as TIS organised an inter-house debate competition on the topic, Education is not the learning of the facts but the training of the mind. The students put forth many point of views with utmost zest and zeal and made this competition a smashing success.


Awareness Rally, Blood Donation

Donating blood is the most significant thing one can do to fulfill his part in the society. It is one of the most valued tithing and TIS organised a blood donation camp on 26th of April. On 24th the students of classes VI to VIII organised an awareness rally and a signature campaign for an enthused participation in the camp."


Mission Mangalyaan Talk Show

A talk show was organised on 10th May 2019 on Mission Mangalyaan. Through this activity children comprehended the important facts about India's first inter-planetary space craft (Mangalyaan). They presented their views and opinions on different topics like history of the mission, cost involved, mission objectives, spacecraft design, launch, recognition, status and follow-up mission.


Beti Bachao Beti Padao (Women Empowerment Speech)

The activity on Beti Bachao Beti Padao was conducted on 8th of May by Class 3rd students to save the girl child, educate and give her an opportunity to make the world feel proud of her. On this occasion children prepared their speeches and dressed up as different successful and famous personalities like Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi and many more. The message of women empowerment was fruitfully conveyed to all the students.


Role Play on ‘Be in Touch’

On 8th May 2019, learners presented mesmerizing role play that emphasized the importance of communication in present day. Classrooms were full of letters, emails, greeting cards, mobile phones etc. Above all this individual enactment by our little ones was like an icing on a cake. Through this play students were sensitized to be in touch with their loved ones and spare time for near and dear ones no matter how far they stay.


Tagore Jayanti Celebration

Tagore Jayanti was celebrated on 7th May 2019 in the mini auditorium for TIS Primary Kids. The school gave tribute to the – Bard of Bengal and his works by reciting poems and singing Rabindra sangeet. It was a highly informative celebration as students acquired knowledge about his contribution in various fields like drama, art and literature.


Workshop on Avoid Junk Food

A workshop was held on 3rd May 2019 in the Mini Auditorium by Times of India. Children were informed about the inevitable effects of Junk food. They were told few key points to be kept in mind like – Junk food causes obesity and other health hazards. They were also told about the contents and ingredients of various food products. Counseling on healthy eating habit, avoiding junk food and eating more fresh food was also done.


Use Dustbins and Live Green (An Environmental Drive)

To integrate environment preservation, our young and budding students cleaned up various areas in and around their school arena on 27th April 2019. They also carried creative messages, catchy placards and colorful posters to – SAVE ENVIRONMENT. Involvement of our school children in environment friendly activities will help them grow into aware citizens of the planet capable of making difference to their communities. Nature is indeed beautiful and needs to the preserved.


Greet and Embrace (Welcome Party)

TIS organised a welcome party in the mini auditorium for the primary wing. The students shared happy vibes with the new students. Adding to the aura, everyone witnessed a couple of gigs on the shades of their favorite songs sandwiched between the best of the ambience for a welcome treat. Children shared yummy snacks and relished mouth watering food amongst themselves. They made new friends and returned with a happy feeling."