Is Virtual learning effective in upcoming years?

The ongoing Corvid-19 pandemic has taught us many life lessons. With educational institutions going all-digital, virtual learning has played a major role in keeping the education of the students undisturbed. It has been a matter of debate currently whether switching from year-old traditional classrooms to virtual learning will be effective in the upcoming years. Let’s decode the answer today and understand the future of education across the globe.

Sharpen the digital skills

With virtual learning, students can hone their technical skills even better. They can be proficient in different tech tools, software, and applications which are an active part of their everyday routines.


While the shift to virtual classrooms initially took a tremendous toll on the students, the agility to adapt to different situations improves within students, which is crucial for their future.


Teamwork and collaboration are the critical requirements within an individual to gain success in the future. Virtual learning has a lot to do with collaboration and teamwork while learning remotely, which is another plus point in their future career.


Projects and assignments are an essential part of a student’s life that teach them discipline and educate them with the topic. With virtual classrooms, there are fixed deadlines that students have to adhere to without any exemption. This helps to build discipline and consistency within the students over time.

Improved attendance

Even though at TIS Jaipur, we have a strict attendance criterion for all our students, which is mandatory to maintain, there are certain days when students might not attend their classes due to any unprecedented cause. With virtual classrooms, students no longer have the hassle of commuting to school every day; there is a significant improvement in the attendance of the students.

Active participation

Countless students are shy to come up with their doubts during physical classes. However, with virtual learning, the participation and interaction within the students have improved massively since shy students feel safer interacting with their teachers behind a screen.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the tenure of the pandemic, virtual classrooms are here to stay and have shown visible results in improving the education and co-curricular activities of students. At TIS Jaipur, we inculcate the love for learning within students in every situation and make the most out of the virtual classrooms!

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