Learning never stops at TIS Jaipur.

With the Covid- 19 pandemic changing millions of lives, students have been impacted tremendously. The sudden switch to online education certainly took a severe toll on the students. Both the teachers and students have been shifted out of their comfort zone and, indeed, for the better. However, be it any circumstance, every student is entitled to their education, and at TIS Jaipur, we ensure that learning never stops for our students!

Interactive online classes

Our online classes are fun and interactive instead of one-way communication across the screen. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the live classes with doubts and queries, thereby imitating a real classroom scenario at the convenience of their homes.

Accessible materials

All the notes or educational materials provided by the school are always available for the students 24*7. Many live classes are also recorded for the students to refer to later during their examinations. This ensures that there is no limitation to learning for students by making everything easily accessible for them.

Fun activities

At TIS Jaipur, we arrange multiple activities that stimulate both mind and body in the long run. There are regular game sessions for the students to have fun amidst these challenging scenarios and enjoy their childhood. Likewise, there are many educational events like debates, speech, etc. which keeps learning fun and enthusiastic for the students.

Maximum assistance

Our teachers are mostly available throughout the day for the students in case of any queries or doubts, which is an incredible way to ensure that every student will get assistance, be it anytime and anywhere!

Final Thoughts

This covid 19 pandemic has affected the educational institutions largely. We actively bring different methods in our online classes to make learning fun, exciting yet informative. However, with the right measures and the help of technology, we at TIS Jaipur have achieved massive success in educating our students online and leaving no stone unturned for their overall improvement.

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