Our students love Online activities.

Virtual classrooms can get boring and lonely for students, especially when they are not able to meet their fellow classmates in real life. However, to combat this and make learning more interesting virtually, at TIS Jaipur, we have multiple online activities that keep the children engaged and have fun while learning!

Online quizzes

Communication, collaboration, and learning go hand in hand. Apart from regular online classes, frequent online quizzes are arranged for different topics and lessons, making learning even more fun instead of cramming up books for exams.

Annual events

Not being physically present in the school cannot stop our students from enjoying their annual festivities and events. We ensure that students can make the maximum out of their school life from the annual events held online. Be it music, dance, or poetry. Numerous contests and competitions are running throughout the years to keep the co-curricular activities up and running even during the pandemic!

Examination milestones

Examinations need not always be stressful for the students. It is already a massive burden for students to reach up to the expectations every time, and sometimes they even tend to get burned out. There are several online milestones that we have set for every examination, which, when fulfilled, will encourage students to do even better without the struggle of getting burdened.

Game sessions

Apart from regular classes, we also add various game sessions during certain periods for the students to play and interact more with their classmates. Several board games that can stimulate students’ minds and add better habits are an excellent way to make online classes fun and exciting. Also, we arrange regular online PT sessions for the students to keep their fitness and games intact.

Final Thoughts

Online classes do not necessarily mean to be boring for students. With the onset of a pandemic, it is important that we have different online activities that will encourage and engage the students to make online learning even more effective and fun in the long run!

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