Virtual schooling for early graders too

Most parents consider virtual schooling for early graders not an effective way of educating their students. However, with the pandemic changing millions of lives, it is a necessary replacement for the regular traditional classrooms. Here’s how we at TIS Jaipur ensure perfection in virtual schooling for early graders too!

  1. We ensure that the cameras are on for every student to take a sharp look at every student and understand whether they are able to understand the topic. This is important, especially for early graders and toddlers, since they tend to get distracted from their classes real quick. Our teachers have an individual look at every student during the classes to help them learn everything and concentrate even better during the classes.
  2. Every examination for the students is taken in a very fair manner with the help of different technologies. The examinations help in assessing the students without any hindrances.
  3. There are multiple online activities held, like dance, music, poetry, etc., for students, which will help the early graders inculcate the extra co-curricular activities from an early age in spite of being in the pandemic.
  4. We arrange multiple game periods and PT sessions to keep their health, fitness in check. This will also help the early graders gain different qualities like teamwork, determination, collaboration, communication which are important for them to excel further in life.
  5. We follow all our educational curriculums completely as directed by the board to ensure that the students are given quality education despite being stuck in this pandemic.

Wrapping Up

A pandemic can never be an excuse for starting schooling late for the early graders. At TIS Jaipur, we ensure that our students make the best out of the situation with our guidelines and excel in the future. After all, every student is entitled to their primary education, and the pandemic can never hinder that.

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