How to choose the best schools in Jaipur for your child?

Schools In Jaipur

It’s the admission season now, where parents are overboard with the choices between multiple schools and the pressure of choosing the best for their kids. At Tagore Internatoinal School, Jaipur, we understand the burden of selecting the best schools for kids to give them the best future. Hence, here’s a quick guide that you can use as a checklist during your school hunting process and find the best schools in Jaipur for your child.


You can find different curriculum choices in India, such as the CISCE, CBSE, and the state boards. Tagore International School Jaipur is affiliated with CBSE, which offers an impeccable curriculum that goes beyond the regular books and focuses on the child’s internal and external improvement.

Such a curriculum will help pave their way to the best career trajectories wherein they can even pursue their future studies abroad and get the best education. The curriculum is the foundation for building a prosperous future for a child.

Co-curricular activities

Since your kid is at a nascent stage, the curriculum and the co-curricular activities play a significant role in building their future in the long run. Look for a school that offers a wide range of co-curricular activities such as outdoor sports, performing arts, indoor sports, music classes, painting, yoga classes, and other hobby classes. Such activities help build the team spirit, self-confidence, and leadership skills in a child while giving them a better edge in this competitive environment.

Teaching and learning facilities

Not every kid can learn at the same pace. While looking for the best school in Jaipur, it is essential to find the one that treats every kid individually and addresses their learning concerns by the teachers of the school. For example, if one child of the class is better at visual learning, the other could be good at auditory learning. The key is to focus on the strengths of the kids and teach them in a similar style to connect with them well.

Needs and Interests

While choosing the best school in Jaipur, you need to take your child’s needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses into prime consideration. Focus on understanding their favorite subjects and hobbies and choose a school accordingly. You may also discover some additional requirements here, such as special learning classes, etc., which you need to find before enrolling your child in any school. Since every child is unique and has their own set of interests, it is definitely wiser to invest in a school that can harness their strengths and make them even better at their interests instead of pushing them into something which they are not good at or do not like doing.

Key Takeaways Choosing the best school in Jaipur for your child is one of the most daunting tasks for a parent since the choice of school is one of the prime determining factors of the child’s future. Parents need to get their research done before enrolling their kids in a school for a brighter future.

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