5 points to check before selecting a CBSE School in Jaipur

As the commencement of the new academic year, parents are now looking for the best options in public schools in Jaipur. While there are many lucrative choices this year, the key to choosing the best CBSE international school in Jaipur is to ensure that it profits the students in the long run. After all, passing out from some of the best schools like Tagore International School, Jaipur ensures a prosperous future for the child. Thus, for helping you make the right decision for your child, here are the top 5 points you should absolutely check before selecting a CBSE school in Jaipur.

Academic reputation

The academic record or reputation of the school is one of the most crucial determining factors you should consider while selecting a good school for your child. While choosing between the top 5 CBSE schools in Jaipur, look for the academic record and analyze the number of students passing out from it and the marks obtained by them. Apart from the marks, look for their achievements in other spheres of their life. This will help understand how the school contributes to the student’s overall well-being. Lastly, ensure that their syllabus abides by the curriculum laid by the CBSE and imparts the best education to their students.


The next factor to consider while selecting the best CBSE schools in Rajasthan is to analyze their faculties. As per the CBSE curriculum, there are tons of different subjects that have their own importance during school life. Thus, look for the best CBSE school, Jaipur, with the most experienced faculties to educate your child. The school should have the best teaching staff and other faculties for every subject such as science, arts, literature, music, and more. This will make sure that your child is in safe hands.


The best CBSE schools like Tagore international school offer high-quality and top-notch infrastructure that are catered to harness the skills of the students. Not only do they have the best academic facilities, but they also provide every required amenities to support the student and their extracurricular activities such as a swimming pool, sports ground, well-equipped laboratories, and more.

Fee structure

Even though you should look for the best schools in Jaipur that impart quality education and culture to the student, the fee structure should be affordable. Education should be easily accessible and inexpensive, allowing everybody to enjoy their right to be a part of the learning environment. Thus, choose a school with a decent fee structure that is sustainable but never compromises the quality of your child’s education.

Interdisciplinary learning

The best school should have interdisciplinary learning in their early years. This will help them endure the future years and outshine in a competitive environment. It will allow children to learn their course in a healthy and fun manner while improving their soft skills simultaneously, which will be beneficial in their upcoming life.

Parting words

While selecting a CBSE school in Jaipur for your child, look for one like Tagore International School, Jaipur, that offers the best and multiple opportunities to the students. The school should offer hands-on activities that make learning fun and engaging instead of simply mugging up the course. This will allow them to look for diverse fields of study and get their dream job successfully.

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