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Tagore International School - Best CBSE Schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Tagore International School, Jaipur, Best Cbse Schools in Jaipur, whenever you check the website, you can find a long list of toppers who made their school proud by scoring incredibly in the recent board exams of CBSE 10th and 12th.

Best Cbse Schools in Jaipur
Top 5 Cbse Schools in Jaipur

1. Name of the School with address
(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) with pin code no.:
Tagore International School
Sector-7 Zone -70, Mansarovar, Jaipur-302020
(i) E-mail:
(ii) Website
(iii) Phone No. 0141-2784649, 2784831
(iv) Fax No. 0141-2784264
2. Year of establishment of school: 1996
3. Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained? Yes
(i) NOC No. Shivira-Sec./Sec/CBSE/2002
(ii) NOC issuing date 30.06.2003
4. Is the school recognized? If yes, by which authority Yes,DEO, Pri.Edu. Jaipur 1st
5. Status of Affiliation Permanent/Regular/Provisional: Regular
(i) Affiliation No. 1730204
(ii) Affiliation with the Board since 2005-06
(iii) Extension of affiliation upto 2025
6. Name of Trust /Society /Company Registered Under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. Tagore Vidya Bhawan Society
Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid Permanent
7. Name and official address of the Manager /President / Chairman /Correspondent Mr.P.D.Singh
c/o Tagore International School Sector-7 zone-70, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur
8. Area of School Campus
(i) In Acres 2.471054 acres
(ii) In Sq. mtrs. 10,000 Sq. m.
(iii) Built up area (sq. mtrs.) 5364.96 Sq.m.
(iv) Area of Playground in Sq. mtrs 3000 Sq. m.
(v) Other facilities
(i) Swimming Pool Yes
(ii) Indoor games Yes
(iii) Dance Rooms Yes
(iv) Gymnasium Yes
(v) Music Rooms Yes
(vi) Hostels Yes
(vii) Health and Medical Check up Yes
9. Details of fee structure Admission Tuition Fee
(ii) Nursery ₹7000.00 ₹42960.00
(iii) I to V ₹7000.00 ₹57440.00
(iv) VI to VIII ₹8400.00 ₹59940.00
(v) IX to X ₹8400.00 ₹62440.00
(vi) XI
Comm./Arts ₹11200.00 ₹67434.00
Science ₹11200.00 ₹71181.00
IP ₹11900.00 ₹77175.00
(vii) XII
Comm./Arts ₹11200.00 ₹69932.00
Science ₹11200.00 ₹74424.00
IP ₹11900.00 ₹79920.00
10. Transport facilities
(i) Own buses 20
(ii) Buses hired on contract basis Nil
(iii) Details of transport charges According to Distance
11. Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching Staff/non-teaching staff (to be updated time to time) Designation PGT /TGT /PRT/ Counselor/ etc.
Scale of pay Grade pay % of DA HRA EPF Contribution As per State Govt.
12. Mode of payment of salary
(i) Name of the Bank through which salary is Drawn Canara Bank
(ii) Through single cheque transfer advice Yes
(iii) Individual cheque No
(iv) Cash No
13. Library facilities
(i) Size of the Library in sq. feet 2250 sq. feet
(ii) Total number of books including e-resources 10,000
(iii) Periodicals 15
(iv) Dailies 4
(v) Reference books 3,000
(vi) Magazine 25
14. Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer Mrs. Kamal Rathore
Ph. No., 9829055413
Fax No. 0141-2784264
15. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee: 1. Mrs. Kusum Shukla (Counselor)
2. Mrs. Kamal Rathore (Principal)
3. Mrs. Arshi Malik (Vice Principal)
4. Mr. Sudeep Dave (Sr. Academic I/C)
5. Mrs.Lalita Vohra (Academic I/C)
6. Mrs. Savita Raina (Jr. Academic I/C)
7. Mrs. Kriti Sharma (Montessori I/C)
8. Mrs. Smita Joshi (PGT)
16. Anti Bullying Committee: 1. Mrs.Kusum Shukla (Counselor
2. Dr. Yashpal Singh Bhati (PGT-Ph.Ed.)
3. Mrs. Arshi Malik (Vice Principal)
4. Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Kanwar (PTI)
5. Mr. Rajkumar (PTI)
6. Mrs. Laila Praveen (Discipline I/C)
7.Mrs. Chandraprapha Sharma (PRT)
17. Academic session period 1st April to 31st March
18. Vacation period 15th May to 30th June
19. Admission period From March to August (Every Year)
S. No. Teacher Name Designation
1 Mrs. Kamal Rathore PRINCIPAL
1 Mrs. Arshi Malik VICE PRINCIPAL
1 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma PGT
2 Dr. Yashpal Singh Bhati PGT
3 Mrs. Smita Joshi PGT
4 Mr. Servash Rawal PGT
5 Mrs. Alka Soni PGT
6 Mrs. Manimala Banerjee PGT
7 Mrs. Renuka Menon PGT
8 Mrs. Neha Acharya PGT
9 Mrs. Mani Nathawat PGT
10 Mr. Kanhiya Lal Ramani PGT
11 Mrs. Deepti Mathur PGT
12 Mr. Dheeraj Vadhwani PGT
13 Mrs. Rajkumari Chaudhary PGT
14 Mr. Neelesh Katara PGT
15 Mrs. Kusum Shukla PGT
16 Mr. Vimal Kumar Shukla PGT
17 Mr. Sunil Vaswani PGT
18 Ms. Shivani Sharma PGT
19 Mrs. Divya Sarabhai PGT
1 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma TGT
2 Mrs. Preeti Sharma TGT
3 Mrs. Tripti Pareek TGT
5 Mrs. Rekha Dadhich TGT
6 Ms. Monika Singh Panwar TGT
7 Mr. Nitin Bhargava TGT
8 Mrs. Divya Pant TGT
9 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Kaushik TGT
10 Ms. Raubinson Sharma TGT
11 Mrs. Tripti Singh Kalla TGT
12 Mrs. Anjali Bhargava TGT
13 Mrs. Madhulika Jain TGT
14 Mrs. Yamini Anand TGT
15 Mr. Vijay Sharma TGT
16 Mrs. Pooja Gupta TGT
17 Mrs. Anita Jain TGT
1 Mrs. Geeta Datta TGT
2 Mrs. Prabha Mathur TGT
3 Mrs. Savita Dhar TGT
4 Mrs. Anita Choudhary TGT
5 Mrs. Anjali Sharma TGT
6 Mrs. Shobhna Nair TGT
7 Mr. Jitendra Shekhawat TGT
8 Mr. Ankur Tailor TGT
9 Mrs. Ruchi Dharwal TGT
10 Mrs. Gunjan Raghav TGT
11 Mrs. Riya Harjani TGT
12 Mr. Omprakash Bhati TGT
13 Mrs. Kavita Dagur TGT
14 Mrs. Nidhi Mathur TGT
15 Mrs. Laxmi Mishra TGT
16 Mr. Trilok Chand Tiwari TGT
17 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Biwal TGT
18 Mrs. Rupali Verma TGT
19 Mrs. Ishita Banerjee TGT
20 Mrs. Jyoti Mishra TGT
21 Mrs. Sarika TGT
22 Mr. Neeraj Marothia TGT
1 Mrs. Savita Raina PRT
2 Mrs. Bindu Chopra PRT
3 Mrs. Deepali Jain PRT
4 Mrs. Chandraprabha Sharma PRT
5 Mrs. Amita Saxena PRT
6 Mrs. Nirmla Dhandhra PRT
7 Mrs. Kavita Singhavi PRT
8 Ms. Priyanka Sharma PRT
9 Mrs. Nandita Bais PRT
10 Mrs. Magdelene Lobo PRT
11 Mrs. Shivani Bhardwaj PRT
12 Mrs. Shikha Sharma PRT
13 Mrs. Jyoti Singhane PRT
14 Mrs. Reema Mathur PRT
15 Mrs. Teena Sharma PRT
16 Mrs. Shweta Sharma PRT
17 Mrs. Bhawna Wadhwa PRT
18 Mr. Naresh Kumar Sangat PRT
19 Mrs. Anita Gupta PRT
20 Mrs. Shikha Khandelwal PRT
21 Mrs. Bandana Ghimiray PRT
22 Mrs. Swati Sharma PRT
23 Mrs. Hemshiksha Sharma PRT
24 Mrs. Jaishree Kevlani PRT
25 Mrs. Poonam Upadhyay PRT
26 Ms. Divita Nathawat PRT
27 Mrs. Pranita Sharma PRT
28 Mrs. Shilpi Gautam PRT
29 Mrs. Rashmi Khatri PRT
30 Mrs. Satvinder Kaur PRT
31 Ms. Akshita Sharma PRT
32 Mrs. Ankita Kumari PRT
33 Ms. Kamalpreet Jindal PRT
1 Mrs. Soumyata Lakhotia NTT
2 Mrs. Shubha Sharma NTT
3 Mrs. Vinita Pareek NTT
4 Mrs. Rachna Dadhich NTT
5 Mrs. Jyoti Nair NTT
6 Mrs. Sakshi Singh NTT
7 Ms. Rajni Gaur NTT
8 Mrs. Banty Shrivastava NTT
9 Mrs. Archana Sharma NTT
10 Mrs. Reena Jain NTT
11 Mrs. Laila Praveen NTT
1 Mr. Sachin Sharma PET
1 Mrs. Kriti Sharma Counsellor
1 Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Kanwar PTI
1 Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma Special Educator
1 Mrs. Sujata Soman Nurse
1 Mrs. Shraddha Jain Librarian
2 Mrs. Renuka Srivastava Librarian
3 Mrs. Sugandha Kakkar Dance Teacher
4 Mrs. V Bhagya Lakshmi Dance Teacher
5 Mr. Ajay Rathore Dance Teacher
6 Mrs. Shelly Sharma Music Teacher
7 Mr. Sanjeev Sharma Music Teacher
8 Mr. Kishan Lal Khatik Art Teacher
9 Mr. Abhishek Sharma Music Teacher
10 Mr. Anubhav Rishi Music Teacher
11 Mr. R S Kumawat Admin Incharge
12 Mr. Shashikumar Verma Office Assistant
13 Mr. Mithun Chakravorty Office Assistant
14 Mr. Sunny Kumawat Office Assistant
Class Sections Strength
Pre Primary 5 157
1 4 154
2 3 120
3 4 126
4 4 160
5 4 160
6 4 172
7 5 179
8 5 208
9 5 215
10 5 203
11 6 185
12 6 172