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Role of Internet:
1. Internet has made our life very easy and simple.
2.It has become a part of our everyday life for information as well as communication either via email or via different social media applications.
3.It is one of the major source of latest news and happenings across the globe.
4.Internet is a vast resource of learning.
5.Now a days we use internet even for Banking and Financial Transactions.
6.Many of us use internet for online shopping.

We get access to internet with the help of various devices and gadgets like computers, mobile phones and tablets. When we use these devices, our personal information and other relevant information/data can get compromised if we do not take adequate measures. Hence it is becoming essential for everyone to understand how to stay safe and ensure that we use internet by abiding the law and follow the basic safety norms.

How to use internet safely?
Gradually as the usage of internet is increasing day by day and when most people are performing all major work through internet. It has become the first priority to be safe in every way.
(must read important tips given below)

Govt. of India initiative
The Govt. of India is making a sincere effort in collaboration with different educational and research centers and formed Information Security Education and Awarness (ISEA) Project to educate and create an awareness for everyone related to internet usage, safety and proper norms.
Tagore International School is happy to join the drive.

Some important tips when you use a browser
  1. Always use the modern browser and keep it updated.
  2. Install a proper antivirus on your computer or device. Make sure you update the antivirus regularly.
  3. Always block pop-ups.
  4. Never click on blinking links or advertisements which prompts you to click.
  5. Never click on any link which is sent or forwarded via messenger, email or sms.
  6. Be very carefull to open any attachment sent via email. Do not open any attachment if it is not relevant or not sent by known people about which you know.
  7. Never trust anyone who claims to be your friend whom you dont know personally and always avoid unknown friend requests.
  8. Avoid playing any online game. It can harm you and your family.
  9. Never download anything about which you are not sure of.
  10. Always keep the bluetooth and wi-fi off when you are not using them.
  11. Whenever we do banking, financial transaction or online shopping look for the green coloured https protocol padlock before the website address.
  12. Change your passwords frequently and never keep very simple passwords which can be easily guessed. Also never share OTP or PIN or Password with anyone.

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