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A school which lets the students perform like a maestro...

School Band (The drummers and the pipers)
Tagore International School has two separate bands called the drummers and the piper. The pipers play the bagpiper in absolute synchronisation to the dribble of the drummers. The band master rolls the baton high up the sky and leads the band to march ahead. The rhythm of our band draws the attention of the spectators and is indeed a jaw dropping experience.

Our Musicians
The School has one of the best violin, guitar, tabla, congo, bongo and drum instructors under whose able guidance the students leave the audience awestruck in every symphony and orchestra they perform. From retro to modern every piece of music they play is a melody in perfection.

We imbibe Dramatic skills in our students and when the students perform on the stage they leave the audience speechless. These skills are expressed by our students in every cultural event at our DeepSmriti Auditorium.