A School in Jaipur with the finest infrastructure and facilities for holistic learning and growth of every student.

Academics has been the topmost priority in our school. Our mentors impart the best and in-depth knowledge to our students in all subjects. We go an extra mile to identify and understand the ability of every student and make the foundation strong. Tagore International School, one of the Best Schools in Jaipur, has set a bench mark by providing proper platform and an environment conducive to unfold the latent talents of its students in academics and in multidimensional activities. The schools program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide a firm foundation, academic skills, work habits and attitudes necessary for success in higher education.

Smart Classes of Tagore International School in Jaipur

Smart Classes

To ensure clarity of concepts and to make the subject interesting, the school has every classroom with fully equipped multi-media system for computer-aided teaching. The classrooms are equipped with adequate furniture, modern boards and electronic aids to enhance the teaching/learning process.

We at our school also follow the modern techniques and methodologies of peer-teaching and flip-teaching to ensure that every child learns in the best possible way.

libraries of Tagore International School in Jaipur

Our Libraries

Tagore International School in Jaipur has two huge libraries - one for the seniors and one for the juniors. Our Libraries has a plethora of books on diverse subjects. It is actually a vault of knowledge.

Every rack in all directions is stacked with some of the finest story books, encyclopaedias, reference books, texts books, magazines and articles from across the world.

It is a knowledge hub for many and for some it is a calm and serene corner of the school where the best of the preparation for exams happen. Our Librarian takes utmost care to cater to every student's requirements for quenching their quest for knowledge. Our students eagerly wait for their Library period.

Science Labs of Tagore International School in Jaipur

Science Labs

The School has spacious and well equipped laboratories with all necessary gadgets and equipments for practical learning for students. Our Labs include:

Teaching with the help of models, charts and live demonstrations and experiments help children enjoy learning and quench their quest for knowing the unknown. Our Head of Departments, mentors and lab-assistants render their special attention to every student and make them learn in the best possible way.


Performing Arts

Our Musicians

The School has one of the best violin, guitar, tabla, congo, bongo and drum instructors under whose able guidance the students leave the audience awestruck in every symphony and orchestra they perform. From retro to modern every piece of music they play is a melody in perfection.

School Band Tagore International School in Jaipur
The School Band (The drummers and the pipers)

Tagore International School( comes under Top 5 Cbse Schools in Jaipur) has two separate bands called the drummers and the piper. The pipers play the bagpiper in absolute synchronisation to the dribble of the drummers. The band master

rolls the baton high up the sky and leads the band to march ahead. The rhythm of our band draws the attention of the spectators and is indeed a jaw dropping experience.


We imbibe Dramatic skills in our students and when the students perform on the stage they leave the audience speechless. These skills are expressed by our students in every cultural event at our Deep Smriti Auditorium.

Buses of Tagore International School in Jaipur
GPS Enabled Buses

Tagore International School has its own fleet of 21 GPS enabled buses/vehicles providing facility to the students. Students who opt to avail the facility must fill the necessary form available at the school desk. All our buses are coordinated by the school's conveyance coordinator who ensures the scheduled pickup and drop facility for the students each day.

Hostels of Tagore International School in Jaipur

Our Hostel

Tagore International School has Hostel for outstation students. Discipline, timely studies and all sports activities are part of the system. The school has hostel for Boys' from Class 6th to 12th. It is equipped with most modern facilities. It is indeed a home away from home.

Here every child gets parental care and affection. Rooms are 5 bedded each with all neccessary furniture. There is a common dining where the students are served with pure and nutritious vegetarian meals. The Hostel warden extends immense care and ensures continuous assessments in academics.

Auditorium of Tagore International School in Jaipur

DEEP SMRITI Auditorium

One of the best professional auditoriums in the city is the renowned Deep Smriti Auditorium. It is the school's stage for the students where they learn to perform like an artist in real world. The auditorium is equipped with the finest acoustics and projection system. It has the most comfortable seating arrangement with a capacity to accommodate more than 2000 people at a time to watch a cultural program. TIS is proud to present such an infrastructure facility to its students.